Motion Solutions

Company policy
We at Motion pride ourselves in providing knowledgeable and efficient support to our clients, with
Motion Solutions, the client always comes first.

Motion is an owner managed company.

Our primary objective as an ITC services provider is to offer our clients competitively priced ITC
Solutions that cater for their individual needs without compromising the value of highly skilled
We understand that computers are complex tools that often require technical expertise in order for
them to function efficiently.

Motion Solutions has been part of the ITC Industry since 2005 and has provided ITC Solutions for
clients with different needs from outset.
Our service dedication and knowledgeable support have made us one of the most respected
service providers in the ITC Industry.

Scope of services provided by Motion
At Motion Solutions we understand that every client has individual needs and we strive to provide an ITC
solution specific to those needs.

Our services include:
-Computer hardware and software sales
-Hardware repairs
-Network planning and implementation
-Network servicing
-Server management
-Workstation support
-Telephonic and remote support of client computers and servers

All of these services will be free of charge if an SLA (Service level agreement) is established
between the client and Motion IT Solutions.

-Computer hardware and software sales:
We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the most competitive prices for hardware and
software that can be offered to them. Our contract clients will have the benefit of discounts on all
hardware and software purchased. Provided stock is available, hardware and software purchased
will be delivered and installed within 24 to 48 hours of ordering.

-Hardware repairs
If there are no costs involved in repairing hardware, the client will not be required to pay for the
repairs. If there are costs involved in repairing hardware, the client will be quoted on the repairs of
the hardware compared to the price of replacing the hardware.

We believe that the client should never be left in the dark about their hardware and should be
constantly updated on the progress of the required repairs.

Clients will be updated on the progress of repairs within 24 hours of booking the hardware in.
We will attempt to repair any piece of hardware before replacing it. We repair most computer
hardware including but not limited to:
-PC systems
-Server systems
-Hard drives
-Floppy disk drives
-Power supply units
-Network planning and implementation.

Motion Solutions offers free network planning and implementation thereof if an SLA is established between
the client and Motion, in this case, the client will only be charged for the parts required to
implement the network solution.
If no SLA is established, the client will be quoted on and charged for on all aspects of network
planning and implementation including labour costs
We offer network planning and installation for cabled networks as well as wireless and Bluetooth

-Network servicing.
Our network servicing standards at Motion IT Solutions are of the highest, we offer highly skilled
network servicing on all aspects of the client’s network.
As part of the service level agreement (SLA) we offer network servicing to our clients free of
charge and as stated in the SLA, will perform the following tasks on a weekly basis or as needed.
Network servicing includes but is not limited to:
-Ensuring network connectivity at all times.
-Regularly checking network hardware e.g. Switches, access points, routers
-Regularly checking the durability of exposed cables and replacing damaged cables.
-Advising on new network technology according to the client’s needs.
-Implementing new network techniques to make network access faster.
-Quoting of required replacement network items and implementation thereof. (if
-Server management
A permanently fully functional server is of the highest importance in any company that uses
Because we understand that every second a server is down, the client loses money, we ensure
that every precaution is taken to ensure that this does never happens.

Backing up of company data is of extreme importance on any server and with us there will always
be at least one backup device that is off site in the event of human error, a robbery or natural

Our server management services include but are not limited to:
-Problem management (User or system reported)
-Incident management
-Continuity management (testing of backup jobs, rotating backup devices etc)
-Log management (Repairing problems in system logs)
-Security management (auditing of security on a weekly basis)
-Maintenance management (defragmenting system drives, cleaning up file system, cleaning of the
registry and removing unnecessary applications or files)
-Update management (Applying system updates weekly, updating virus definitions daily.)
-Workstation Support
We at Motion understand that with computers, the smallest issue can cause your entire work
process to stop, because of this we offer highly qualified support on all levels to client’s staff for
each individual’s computer.
We also offer training to client’s staff free of charge (if in SLA) for proper use of company

Support for staff home PC’s will be provided, but will be billed for accordingly.
-Telephonic and remote support of client computers and servers
This service will be provided to all clients free of charge if within SLA conditions.
Client staff can call technicians for telephonic or remote support during business hours if onsite
assistance is not required.
Remotely, our technicians are able to take full control of any client workstation or server in order to
resolve problems encountered provided the network connection to the computer is still functional.

-Software Update Management
One of the most important elements of a network is ensuring that it is constantly updated with the
latest security and stability updates. We utilise advanced software than continually informs us of
the release of the new updates and automatically distributes and installs them across the network.
Service level agreement (SLA):
A service level agreement is a contract that assigns the role of all IT related services to Motion IT
Solutions at a monthly fee. If Motion IT Solutions is employed as the IT services provider, all of the
above services will be provided to the client free of charge.
Our service level agreement states that,
-The client will be visited by a Motion technician once a week to carry out the services mentioned
-The client can at any time during business hours log a call to report any IT related issue, Motion
will then be required (as stated in the Motion IT Solutions Contract proposal) to respond to the call
at a maximum of one hour and attend to the call (if onsite assistance is required) at a maximum of
4 hours. The client will be given a set
amount of free technician hours every month, thereafter they will be billed at the going hourly rate.
The amount of free hours and hourly rate will be negotiated before the contract is established. The
above is in order to avoid abuse of the contract in place, and billing misunderstandings/issues.
-Provide free telephonic and remote support to clients at any time during business hours.
-If a client requires assistance out of business hours, this will be billed for accordingly.
-Clients will be given an individual contract proposal to provide for all their individual needs.
-The first month of contract is a probationary month and either party may cancel the contract after
settling any amounts due by either party.
-If after the first three month’s the client wishes to review their contract and re-negotiate to more
suit their Company needs this will be possible, where after their newly negotiated contract will be
valid for the twelve month period requiring a month’s notice to terminate.
-SLA Contracts are signed on a yearly basis, there after the client is required to give one month’s
written notice to terminate their contract.

Technical Qualifications
All of our technicians are highly qualified to provide our clients with highly skilled support services.
The qualifications achieved include:
Network +
MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator)
MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator)
JNCIA (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate)
JNCIS (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist)
Our technicians are constantly being trained in new technology in order to provide our clients with
the most knowledgeable support available.